Policy of quality and protection of the environment

The main activity of PROMAN s.r.o. is the projection and supplying activity in the area of storing and manipulating technology, including guarantee and after guarantee service.

The policy of quality and the protection of environment are the parts of the business policy. The intention is to achieve the permanent improvement of quality of our products and of our outputs in order to have more satisfied customers. All that happens in harmony with considerate behaviour to the environment.

  • We cooperate with our customer comprehensively since the project till the presentation. After each year of operating we do the checking inspections of the systems, plus the following service.
  • By the quality of our supplies we secure maximalizing of the prestige and creating knowledge of PROMAN s.r.o. among the customers. We consider the complex fulfilment of the customers´ demands as a certainty. Our priority is the safety of the supplied storing and manipulating instruments.
  • All employees are conscious of the rule that we are here for customers not vice versa.
  • Our company appreciate its employees and creates pleasant working conditions for them so that working in PROMAN s.r.o. became a prestige.
  • Even from our suppliers we require respecting the demands in the area of quality, product´s security and conservance. We prefer long-term, mutually beneficial relations founded on cooperation, earnestness and reliability.
  • The leaders of the company motivate their workers to conservance, above all in the field of their working duties and along side they motivate their cooperators to do the same.
  • The PROMAN s.r.o. management also supports the development of the region.
  • We respect all relevant regulations of the environment and other related rules in all areas of company´s activities, which influence the environment.
  • The company constantly improves the environment in the field of changing external circumstances and creates the conditions to prevent the pollution.
  • The company consistently carries out the economical and preventive precautions in the area of consumption of energy and raw materials (propellant), and in the area of the beginning, the use and the destruction of waste.
  • Every employee prevents the origin of accidents.
  • The company leadership is environmentaly transparent for the public.
  • The company leaders stand as an example for accomplishing every activity.

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