Hanging pockets for pallet racks

Hanging pockets for PROMAN pallet racks

Optimised warehouse costs and organisation of order picking as efficiently as possible are constant challenges in warehouse management. Pallet racks work well for bulky goods and fast turnover stock products. But smaller, slower turnover goods can take a lot of space. That's why our newest product Storeganizer is the perfect solution for efficient storage and picking of goods of various sizes.

High weight-carrying capacity

Mechanical durability



Fast installation

  • Storeganizer is an ideal solution for slow and medium turnover goods that are often picked.

  • Thanks to its modular structure, it can be installed in both new and existing storage racks.

  • The standard module can be easily expanded in case of growing storage needs.

  • The wide range of sizes of the internal pockets allows you to adapt their layout to the size of the stored and picked items.

  • They are hanged to a depth of four rows, and access to the rear rows is easy thanks to the possibility of moving the front posts to the left or right.

  • Storeganizer installation time depends on the configuration you choose, but typically only takes 45 minutes.

Závěsné kapsy

Extra area

Sliding constructions

EU Compliant

Easy to operate

Variants of pallet racks

Drive-in & Drive-through Racks

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Drive-in & Drive-through Racks

Drive-in pallet racks are used for storing pallets that hold the same type of goods. They are made for storing items with low turnover or longer shelf life.


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The mobile racking system provides access to each pallet from a single working aisle. Using sliding pallet racks increases warehouse capacity by up to 100% in comparison with the traditional solution, while retaining access to each pallet.


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Flow pallet racks is used where there are multiple pallets with one type of product. Flow pallet racking works on the FIFO (first-in, first-out) and LIFO (last-in, first-out) principles.


Take advantage of our range of products in the PROMAN e-shop. Choose basic pallet and shelf racks. You can configure the cantilever rack according to the load/dimensions to your requirements. The system will automatically generate a quote for you. At the same time, you will find a wide range of accessories for pallet and shelf racks in the e-shop.

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Technical information

  • Why choose Storeganizer?
    Storeganizer is a perfect solution for cost-effective optimisation of shelf space. On average, the time required to move items is reduced by 42%, which translates into a 26% increase in efficiency in the order picking process. It gathers a large number of storage units thanks to its vertical layout while reducing the area required for picking. Shorter travel distances therefore allow for a more efficient picking process. The configuration can also be easily adjusted to reduce tilting and lifting by placing the fastest turnover and/or heaviest storage units on the upper levels.
    View the 3D visualisation of the hanging pockets.
  • Technical details

    Závěsné kapsy do paletových regálů PROMAN


    Univerzální závěsný systém modulární konstrukce umožňuje snadnou instalaci do jakéhokoliv nového nebo stávajícího regálu všude tam, kde je ve skladu potřeba.


    To avoid wasting space by storing small items on the shelves, the system of hanging thin pockets is more efficient in the vertical direction.


    Cost-effective, environmentally friendly and highly protective pockets are made from high quality industrial fabric. These flexible pockets are covered by a 10-year warranty.

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Timelapse video - rack assembly