Company profile

The company PROMAN s.r.o. was founded on October 27, 1994 and is engaged in designing and supplying comprehensive racking systems for warehouses.
PROMAN s.r.o. is one of the most distinguished suppliers of all types of racking systems on the market and is able to respond in a very flexible way to any and all of a client’s needs.

  • The racking systems supplied by PROMAN meet the tough requirements of European norms.

  • The company has shown dynamic development since the date it was founded. Proof of the range of the company’s completed projects can be seen in the project portfolio brochure.

  • Currently, the company employs over forty workers – comprised of a sales team, technicians, and the most essential administrative workers. Currently, PROMAN has an installation team of more than 20 workers.

  • The employees who handle project estimates have knowledge of safety regulations and technical norms in the field of material handling and storage, which can be seen in their flexible solutions for meeting customer needs.

  • Racking systems provided by PROMAN can be used in practically every field, e.g., warehousing, all branches of industry, the banking sector, administrative organizations, small businesses, etc.

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Timelapse video - rack assembly