Steel platforms

Steel platforms

Steel warehouse platforms are an ideal solution to increase the capacity of your warehouse area simply and without any structural modifications. They can be single-level or multi-level. Their use results in maximum and optimum use of the entire room, not only the floor space but also the height of the room or hall. Steel platforms also help to utilise space above existing technologies or workplaces. Steel platforms can be combined with lifts and conveyor systems.

High weight-carrying capacity

Mechanical durability



Fast installation

  • Storage platforms are primarily meant for installation in warehouse and factory building interiors. They are installed on high quality concrete flooring with sufficient load-bearing capacity.

  • Storage platform construction is designed to take into consideration all the pertinent technical norms and safety regulations.

  • Steel platform construction is always designed according to the user’s requests and requirements. Because of this, each platform is unique.

  • The quote includes a free price estimate as well as the project design; delivery and installation of the platform construction can also be included at the customer’s request.

  • Furthermore, we also offer the option of inspections in addition to warranty and post-warranty services.

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Multi-storey gallery

Combination with other systems

EU Compliant

Extra area


Take advantage of our range of products in the PROMAN e-shop. Choose basic pallet and shelf racks. You can configure the cantilever rack according to the load/dimensions to your requirements. The system will automatically generate a quote for you. At the same time, you will find a wide range of accessories for pallet and shelf racks in the e-shop.

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Technical Details

  • Steel Platform Construction
    Steel platforms are self-supporting, prefabricated structures made from partially welded components. They are made from standard rolled and cold-formed steel section, which is reinforced using stabilizing rods with tensioners. It is not standard practice to anchor the steel platform construction to a building’s columns or walls, because it is possible to compromise the building’s structural integrity. In order to use the platforms, it is necessary for the space to have a height of at least 4.5 meters. Our design has a minimum ceiling height of 2.1 meters. It is possible to equip the platforms with various accessories, such as elevators, chutes, mesh, labels, lighting, etc.
  • Technical Details

    The platform quote includes:

    • Load-bearing columns
    • Main and secondary beams
    • Cross bracing
    • Platform decking
    • Staircases, railings, and other accessories as required

    Optional accesories

    • Post protection
    • Sliding, tiltable gates
    • Floor design (chipboard, steel grating, metal panels and their combinations)
    • Escape ladders
    • Load distribution plate

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Timelapse video - rack assembly